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Let's test creating and publishing a blog in a hub... Ok, go!

Beatfreeks 'Young People are Online...'

Nice one Beatfreeks, good question - 'What are you doing to make the most of it?'

Gen Z Takes Over Covid-19 Public Info in The Gambia

WhatsApp drives '...Actions Towards the Common Good...' (extract from National Anthem)

The lives young people save with social distancing could be their own

Too many people have wrongly come to believe that COVID-19 “affects only old people

What are your festival plans this summer?

Hold tight - music may yet save our sanity and at least a bit of summer

These gels will be delivered free of charge

Bigger than a bag - LVMH will start making hand sanitiser for hospitals to stave off a national shortage

What you may have missed if you blinked at RISE: Brent 2020's Opening Event

On Saturday 18 January, thousands gathered on Olympic Way in Wembley to celebrate the launch of Brent’s Borough of Culture 2020 at RISE - a spectacular, free outdoor show hosted by Wembley Park

Welcome to 2020... Check out how we ended 2019 real quick... in the Shard

We held a special event on the 25th floor of the Shard with Crowe LLP, the FA and a few special guests - Ex Premier League footballers Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Shaun Goater


Two astronauts have made history as the first all-female team ever to conduct a space walk!


Coca-Cola has made bottles from ocean plastic, citing "breakthrough technology" which could be the future of packaging.


Bristol-based Extract Coffee Roasters works with community groups in the UK to support vulnerable people, through training, mentoring and sports


A Wembley teenager has beaten mountainous odds to become the UK's youngest flight instructor


"THE YOUNGEST FINALIST IN US OPEN HISTORY" ​​- You may have heard of her: 15 year old Coco Gauff, the former world No.1 Junior, who turned everyone's heads this year in her match against Venus Williams. Here we look at who she is and how she became the triumph she is today, battling the greats and growing even stronger each match.

Is the News too negative?

When you switch the TV on you may undoubtedly come across news stories that can be quite stress inducing. Whether it be ongoing climate change, rising tensions, war and protests, the news can make you think quite pessimistically, so how can you react differently?

ALEX - FA - Plus the benefits/tickets of course!

The FA is now on Slenky and keen to share its values... 'PRIDE?'

FARAI - throw yourself at whatever comes your way

The FA is now on Slenky and keen to share its values... 'PRIDE?'

#BoingBoing - Three Degrees and Rising…

One day before the hottest day of the year, Slenky bathed in sick temperatures at The Hawthorns – home of West Bromwich Albion FC


Crohn’s Disease affects at least 115,000 people in the UK and millions more worldwide and can affect people between 10-40 years old. So what should we know about this disease that we don't?


Working as a Foreign Language Assistant means you can teach your native language around the world! Common languages that are in demand for this include, Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Teenager wins $3 million playing Fortnite

16-year-old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf beat 99 other players at the Fortnite World Cup tournament final in New York... So why was it such a big deal? Because his win earned him $3 million dollars.


More than 350 million trees were planted as part of the government-led project to counter deforestation


From the beginning of Michael’s Desserts, he has donated a dessert to someone in need for every one dessert that he sells. With this model Michael has served hundreds of people.


It's hard to get a job interview these days so don't waste it by failing to prepare. Now more than ever, employers expect that you'll arrive ready to answer tough questions. Now if you want that job, you'll need to be able to prove you're worth every penny.

Influencers Pay Double!

Entrepreneur Joe Nicchi has had enough of self-proclaimed influencers wanting free cones for publicity. Now he’s the one going viral


This 4-year-old sells paintings for $2,000 at his own exhibition.

Teens build a plane in three weeks... and fly over 10,000 kilometers

This June, an historic aviation challenge took place as twenty South African teenagers embarked on a flight from Cape to Cairo (...and back) - in a self-assembled aircraft that uses ordinary motor fuel and was built in only three weeks.

Summer self-care tip No.1 - Room plants... and how to show them love.

The simplest way to kickstart a new season in a new space? Add an indoor plant or two. Bring the jungle to you.

In the Philippines, students now have to plant 10 trees before they graduate

Ways to tackle climate change are becoming innovative. Filipino students now HAVE to play their part in fighting the crisis if they want to graduate school.

How all religious faiths advocate for environmental protection

The state of our planets environment is a growing concern day in day out. See how individuals from all backgrounds can share one common goal and work together to overcome it.

Women in Football: The underappreciated heroines

Womens football is on the rise, and so is the money involved. But are the hardworking players getting their fair share?


It can be hard to prepare properly for an exciting day out at a festival. We've curated a list of where to go, who to see and what essentials to bring with you.


In the build up to the Canadian Grand Prix, the five-times world champion, who remains the first and only black driver at F1 level, wants his legacy to be improving access to the industry regardless of social status or ethnicity.


When an influencer with over 2 million followers couldn't sell 36 shirts to launch her online clothing brand, people on Twitter stopped to assess the situation...


Tommy, one of Cracked It's technicians, guest-presented a BBC Radio 4 documentary about his experiences of school exclusion, prison and how he’s since turned his life around with support.

Mental health: Battling depression in fashion

This graduate from Birmingham believes more should be done to help young people in fashion who struggle with mental health issues.


Fit Together Gym and Natural Progression Boxing Academy help to get their clients get through the holy month of Ramadan...


Described as a tall young man whose “strength surpassed that of ten men” and who stood more than six feet tall. This is the legendary tale of one of the only non-Japanese Samurai to ever exist...

Chadwick Boseman To Play The first African Samurai In New Film

“The legend of Yasuke is one of history’s best kept secrets"


United Borders aims to help the youth from two rival areas come together through music.

Fast Fashion? We prefer Friendly!

Fast Fashion started of great, but it's time to make a change!

Journaling... What is it and how can it help me??

Take a look and see how journaling can help you grow your confidence - Just let the pen take control... express your feelings and let your thoughts flow freely.


Josh Babarinde is founder of Cracked it, a London-based social enterprise smartphone repair service, staffed by young ex-offenders and youth at risk of offending. He sees social entrepreneurship as one of Gen Y’s most positive traits...

What does it really take to start a business???

In these videos, Entrepreneurs Lee Desanges & Ariel Booker share their wisdom on what it really takes to start a business.

Meet Louise Baker: The female mechanic taking control of the wheel in a male dominated sector.

Fed up of seeing hare female friends and family members being ripped off or feeling intimidated at the garage, Baker turned her passion for cars into startup business Womanic.

POC in Play - inviting more people to the video game party

Video game industry insiders have launched 'POC in Play' - an initiative looking to tackle the issue of diversity in the gaming industry.


The short is part of Pixar’s new animation project, SparkShorts - a platform which aims to help give new voices and artists exposure.

Check this guy out...Blaze: The Fastest Seven Year-old in the World

Aiming to one day smash Usain Bolt's 100m World Record, Rudolph Ingram from Florida, known as Blaze may be the fastest 7 kid in the world.

If you believe it, you can achieve it. Just ask this guy... NURADEAN ARREYTHE: THE SELF TAUGHT PIANIST

Nuradean Arreythe has been attracting crowds with his piano playing skills - that he taught himself by watching Youtube videos.

Meet The 16-year-old climate activist responsible for global school strikes.

You may have seen or even taken part in the recent school strikes that have taken place... We thought we'd introduce you to the 16 year old behind them, Greta Thunberg.

HOW TO COPE WITH STRESS... A look into how to identify and manage it.

While not everyone experiences anxiety, it’s likely that stress will affect everyone at some point in their lives.

This is what a Shot-taker looks like... pt.2 Remember

Remember Reggie Nelson - the young guy who took his shot by knocking on doors to find out the secrets to success? Sky got in touch with him to follow up. You should see what he's doing now.

Meet the makers of vidiCREW - the new app helping you transform your mobile videos

Alex and Paul founded vidiCREW in June 2017 with the aim of empowering everyone with a mobile phone to create highly engaging films. They realised that they were onto something after their friends loved the videos of special occasions that they captured on their mobile phones and edited.

This is what persistence looks like: Meet chef Nitisha Patel

‘I approached around 400 publishers and got one on board’.

Dream, Believe and Achieve

My passion for engineering is mine and no one can take it from me.

Take Risks and Prosper (TRAP) has always been the motto.

"I feel lucky and extremely grateful to have turned my life around but I 100% didn't do it alone..."

Hi, I'm Kenzl

UK R&B & RAP - Sabrina Marie Allen AKA KenZl, though fiery on the outside...

New community centre opens in Wembley Park

The Yellow, opens in Wembley Park in the heart of the Brent community from October 1 offering a selection of free arts and fitness classes

Employer or Employee, we're talking to you... Take Your Shot - Take it!

In a time where so many job seekers are attending University, what really sets candidates aside often isn’t blatantly obvious from a CV alone...

Raheem Sterling Pays Tribute

"Him asking me that simple question was a turning point in my life."

Keep an Eye out for Irresponsible Business...

Naturally, Slenky and our friends at UpRising...

What we didn't know about the The REP Theatre amazed us...

Pretty sure most people don't know just how to break into Theatre or just what's on offer...

"We failed our A-Levels, but everything still turned out ok"

Manchester Evening News spoke to three successful, Manchester-based entrepreneurs, who left school with little or no qualifications and went on to great success.

Why housing?... "Joining Orbit has completely changed my perspective to the housing sector"

​Orbit Graduate Busola Adeniji keeps it real and tells all about her experience working in the housing sector.

Love Island cliche 'puts off female firefighters', says brigade chief - BBC

"rolling out every offensive cliche possible with their so-called 'fireman challenge'

Stormzy is funding Cambridge scholarships for black students

The rapper says black students should not think top university education out of reach

This is what a Shot Taker looks like

From east London to the City: How door knocking changed this person's life

Could you be a Renegade? You'll love what Ross is up to since his Sony shots

Ross took a shot at the music industry with Sony in 2014...

Baller honoured - London Basketball Association's Callum Dublin

Dublin volunteers with London Basketball association

Meet Magid Magid - Sheffield’s (coolest) lord mayor

The 28-year-old former refugee has become a viral sensation since taking on the role – and has won over his critics. ‘I’ve had a lot of stick, but I don’t care - I decided to be myself,’

Generation Z: ‘We have more to do than drink and take drugs’

They drink less, take far fewer drugs, and have made teenage pregnancy a near anomaly.

The New Dream Team in Brent?

Youth charity BANG Edutainment have teamed up with Slenky to bring more Shots to young people in Brent, Harrow and beyond.

"We believe travel should be for everyone"

Meet Hui, founder of Koala - the travel company that wants to help you find your new best friends (and travel buddies)

Movement to Work?

Slenky spent some time with Movement to Work a few years ago - we wanted to find out how things had gone since

Hilltops on the rise

In previous seasons, the Metropolitan Hilltops had nowhere to train and nobody to train them. This year they're celebrating their most successful season to date, with league promotion and two cup finals... But just how exactly did a housing association's support turn them into title contenders?

These bikers do things differently...

We spent a day with Neil Monaghan, who heads up operations at the Archway Project in Thamesmead, London. It teaches young people how to fix motorbikes – and alters their lives in the process.

What is #WhoRunsBrum?

Why you should take notice of this campaign - It is a call to action

"I don't speak how they speak..."

Studying to be a Doctor, Lianne wants to help others to Take a Shot at medicine

London's 'alternative' young creatives are defining generation #sidehustle

Welcome to 2018. Welcome to the new economy. It’s moving fast, it’s open to all, and there’s just one thing you have to do: hustle.

Panasonic employee drives innovation by connecting young

'there are not many opportunities to get to know others who share their passions...'

Boxpark Takes a Shot at Wembley

Wembley's Boxpark will be the biggest yet. The joint Quintain and Boxpark venture promises to bring a new food and drink hub at the foot of Wembley Stadium - and new opportunities

Amna Rafiq creating chances for diverse communities

Amna Rafiq loves what cricket has given her and wants to pass that on - and help others avoid some of the challenges she faced.

Let's make a better web

Staying resilient and confident online and using your voice to drive social change.

Boarders without Borders - These girls are shredding the rulebook

GirlDreamer created the UK's first women of colour longboarding crew to use sport as a tool for social change - watch their mini documentary to see how and why it all started.

​Film-Maker visits BANG

BANG recently welcomed a young film-maker into the office for two days to shoot a short video for their crowdfunding campaign - take a look BTS

Little Shaq Presents 'Go Viral'

Take a behind the scenes look into MVP's last half-term holiday program

five Wembley students to get £9k each towards uni fees

Chalkhill Community Trust Fund launches bursary scheme launched to give five Wembley students £9k each towards uni fees - unlocking a hive of talent

I'm your future Pilot - where’d you wanna go?

Armed with a GoPro Myles is back to share the view from 4000 feet

Marketers: Don’t You Dare Call Us Millennials…

​The word “millennial” occupies an odd space for us.

Google presents Internet Citizens: Let's make a better web

The internet is a place where anyone can have a voice, be part of a community and generate positive social change. But the internet isn’t always positive or welcoming for everyone. And that's why Google launched Internet Citizens.

Women in Tech

Interested in working in Tech? Take a look at what Wonder Women TV's special guests have to say about working in the industry.

Black Magic Podcast

​Hosted by media entrepreneur Annika Allen, the podcast features conversations with brilliant

Birmingham fashion brand to launch concept store in Bullring

On 23 November 2017, the fashion brand will be launching its first collective concept store in Bullring Birmingham.


Change the story, not just today but for generations to come.

Tune in for your dose of Black Magic entertainment

The Colour Network has launched a New Podcast Series in partnership with audio producers 'Unedited', celebrating the magic of the black entertainment industry - find out more here

Fat Macy's - Doing Dinner Differently

A supper club cooking up delicious meals with a conscience is proving that you can have your cake and eat it. Find out how they're doing it here.

Kiimmy checks in with an update...

"This year has been an amazing learning curve..."

Advertising Industry Opens to New Talent - Rianna gets the BIG Shot

In 2014 Rianna took a shot with Slenky + Sony behind the scenes on a Citroen advert shoot with Havas. Now in 2017 she found herself back at Havas and in the hot seat, interviewing for a full-time role in the advertising industry...

Take Your Shot Family Album 3

A few years ago a group of madly-talented young people hit up Slenky - ready to Take their Shot. Thought a throwback was due...

Take Your Shot Family Album 2

More members of the 'First Family' who took their shots in Fashion, Sport, Tech, Business, Arts, Photography Film and Music - Top folk and serious party animals as we wer to find out later... ;)

Take Your Shot Family Album 1

Members of the 'First Family' who took their shots in Fashion, Sport, Tech, Business, Arts, Photography and Music - Top folk and top party animals as we were to find out later... ;)

Can You Name Successful Business Women?

Word On The Curb want to know, "Can You Name Successful Business Women?"

Slenky's Brum family just keeps smashing it...

Sunjay - Hip Hop Drome - wasn't playing when he took his Sony shots . His passion was music and his future was in the industry...

The first female Commissioner of London Fire Brigade in its history. Cool...

"When I got there I had a bit of a moment of 'good grief, what am I going to do, what am I going to see?', Then you put your kit on and everybody looks at you with expectation and relief as if to say, 'thank god you're here'."

Caliber - 'Apple Advert' - (Jonathan Fernandez)

A concept Advert made by Jonathan Fernandez, Experimental Art Film.

'The Aviator' - Myles - This Joystick's Real...

2017 is the 2nd year we've had gliding scholarships on Slenky. Flying is Myles' passion and he ain't ready to let his shot pass by...

Jermaine Jenas feedback on SwitchUp Program

Former premier league and England Footballer Jermaine Jenas attends a SwitchUp workshop at a local school, listen to his feedback on this Nottingham project.

New City College Student Ashley Brands the Business

New City College Group, as it is now collectively known, will support around 15,000 students and apprentices each year

Throwback Video – Take Your Shot – Rene meets Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

Shot-taker Rene met with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to find out why 90% of Academy footballers do not make it as professionals.

What did you wanna be...?

I'd prepared for a lot of things... but anything can happen...

"It's Not Just About Me..."

"Just Be Yourself Mate..."

What are WorldSkills UK Competitions?

Each competition presents a series of tests, designed by industry experts

More Diversity To Emerge In Tech Via The 100 Year Plan

UK Black Tech unveils The 100 Year Plan to an audience of technology professionals at Bloomberg London

Michael Bennett visits the UK for Super Bowl 51

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Michael Bennett made his third visit to the UK

Hackney People: Emeka Egbuonu

Author Emeka Egbuonu tells his story and gets set for new book launch

Throwback Video – MIllie meets Hilton International Wembley Manager Bernadette

We love stories of women at the top and Bernadette kindly gave some time to helping Millie plan her enry and future takeover of the hospitality sector

"Add Us Please..." BBC WM's new friend

​BBC WM came along to Birmingham City University for the soft-launch of the Birmingham and West Midlands hub on Slenky, meeting students who'd registered and getting a feel for how they're passions might be connected on Slenky.

What's Up Tv's Nathan Blades gives his Five Great Gaming Activities for Conventions

In May, the MCM Comic Con, one of the largest media culture conventions in the UK, had their spring event; attended by 122k people over its three-day run. ​

UCFB and Jason Roberts Foundation team up to offer students work experience opportunities

UCFB, a world-first in higher education, and the Jason Roberts Foundation, fronted by the former Blackburn Rovers striker, have teamed up to...

Sport management group set up by UCFB students gaining international recognition

Three entrepreneurial UCFB Wembley students are already influencing the international football market after setting up their own sport management company.

SAM HOLLIS - Less damaged than Pete Doherty

Sam Hollis insists that indie’s not dead, and he’s right. Musical genres may rise and fall in the eyes of the mainstream press, but their adherents can always be found in open mics and acoustic nights across the country.

CALL ME UNIQUE - say the whole thing, like a Tribe Called Quest

Born in Manchester but raised in Birmingham, singer/songwriter Call Me Unique first developed a passion for music at a very early stage during her schooling. After picking up the guitar at 16 years old, she hasn’t looked back since.

LENNIS DYNAMIKS - Master of the Citadel

Lennis Dynamiks is an engineer, musician, instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and all-round music man who landed in Birmingham, UK in 2003.

1st Stop - Vogue

Great start to 2017 as Stephen Arthur debuts in Vogue Magazine


My brief was to organise a series of encounters with dynamic businesses, social enterprises and progressive leaders who are finding inspiring and innovative solutions to some of the big challenges...

Le Grand - The Airbnb Experience #1 - Marbella [video]

Join Le Grand and his passion for travel on the search for his favourite apartments - "The Airbnb Experience"

Throwback Video – Jack meets up with Jonathan @Havas

Jonathan took a Slenky Shot with Havas in 2013, and in 2014 now working wth the company


Connecting young people’s passions with opportunities in Birmingham and the West Midlands

BYPY handover speech [VIDEO]

14th May 2015 marked an incredible evening. It saw 1000 members of Birmingham’s professional services sector meet at the ICC to enjoy dinner, speeches and a glittery awards ceremony, hosted by the wonderful Rachel Riley.

Football Freestyling: Red Bull Street Style Final 2016

In the latest episode of Pro:Direct TV, Andrew and Lionel head up to Camden and the Roundhouse to check out the greatest freestyle football talent from around the globe going head-to-head in the Red Bull Street Style 2016 World Final.

Dare To Dream

30 elite level players at Under 16 and Under 17 level attended the 3 day 'Dare To Dream' event with the prestigious Pro Direct Soccer Academy, Berkshire.

NEWURBAN; MELÉE RECORDING GROUP - Synikall & Nathaniel Thompson.

​In the heart of Birmingham’s creative quarter, two young men stroll down into Digbeth’s outside the famed Custard Factory. A far cry from South Bronx, NY, these two Hip Hop heads – Chris “Synikall” Brown (rapper) and Nathaniel Thompson – are co-owners of the city’s newly formed Melée Recording Group (MRG.

NEWURBAN; ANTONIO AAKEEL - Wolverhampton to Hollywood

Antonio Aakeel is a name you will be seeing a lot more of in the next few years. Having already starred in such multi-award winning television shows such as Skins and BBC’s Doctors, His eyes are now set on the big screen having recently starred alongside such acting talents as Dr Who Companion, Billie Piper and Nightcrawler and Four Lions star, Riz Ahmed in Bafta winner, Pete Travis’ newest feature, City of Tiny Lights.

NEWURBAN; SNEAKER CLUB - Mobile Concept Store Soft Launch

​While many fashion designers find themselves competing for retail space in fashion stores and boutiques, one man has found a novel way to take his designs beyond eCommerce and into the physical world. Introducing the Concept Box, launched in July by independent brand Sneaker Club Clothing in collaboration with Bene Culture. We caught up with founder Ant Douglas to find out what’s up.


​Nestled in the streets of Birmingham’s Custard Factory, the Cranked Cycle Café is one of those business combinations you’d never have thought up on your own: high quality coffee and…bicycles?


Behind a set of saloon style doors in a corner of Birmingham’s Oasis Market lies ‘The Co-Lab’. This store is hand built from wood and chipboard and stocks wares from the likes of ‘House of Livin Life’, ‘Humeaimart’ and, most notably, ‘Goodstart Jones’.

Welcome to Brunel

Discover Brunel University London through the words of our Professor of Poetry Benjamin Zephaniah, and the students and staff that make up our unique One London campus. ​

London City Airport - Life behind the scenes

Meet some of our employees who make London City Airport what it is today.

'Inspiring Youth Enterprise' Grant Funding Winners Announced

Nine organisations from around the UK are celebrating this week after becoming the latest organisations to successfully win funding from the RBS Inspiring Youth Enterprise programme.

RBS - inspiring the next generation of UK entrepreneurs

Francis Ondoro awarded the NatWest & The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Award as new figures show the Inspiring Youth Enterprise Programme has supported over 114,000 young people.

Marketing Maker - A Beginners ‘How-To’ Guide To Valuable Content Marketing: Part 1 Of 4

Content marketing has a specific focus: creating valuable material that your audience wants to see. Customers want to see that you’re an expert in your field, which is why content marketing is so important. Show your value through your content.

The Screen Nation Awards for Scene TV

What a star-studded evening of glitz and glamour.

Interview with Sir Lenny Henry - 'Paving the Way' with his MOBO award

Sir Lenny Henry - 'Paving the Way' with his MOBO award

The car sharing phenomenon and fractional cars

There is an evolution taking place in the world of motoring. But what is 'car sharing' and 'fractional car ownership'? How popular are they and what do users think of them?

2017: Bigger and Better

​Formula 1® gets bigger and better in 2017. And a key part of that will be the tyres

Willmott Dixon Interiors - Giving Young Londoners a Platform for Work

Willmott Dixon’s interior fit-out company teamed up with 13 young people from Southwark and Camden to refurbish the Construction Youth Trust’s Bermondsey Training Centre and provide them with a springboard to long-term employment.

Sights set on improving the life of 10,000 young people

Transforming lives and making long-lasting impacts that strengthen society’s well-being.

NEWURBAN; JOE SCHUPPLER - Mr Independent Birmingham

Situated deep in the heart of Birmingham city, the newly established concept restaurant ‘The Wilderness” served as the perfect spot for us to sit down with Joe Schuppler, founder and editor of Independent Birmingham.

The Leader Within

From risk of exclusion to Deputy Head Boy - This is Elliot's Story.

Throwback Video – Film-maker Rianna Meets Robin Vidgeon

Unless you read the credits, you probably won't know that Cinematographer Robin Vidgeon is one of the brains behind Raiders of the Lost Ark and Hellraiser. Rianna got a Shot - picking that brain to plot her industry takeover

Throwback Video – Sutinee meets Fashion Icons Zekaryas Soloman & Eunice Olumide

Sutinee gets a Shot at different people in the fashion 'chain' - Designers & Models

Throwback Video – ‘Virgin Atlantic - Future Flyers and Expert Engineers

The aviation industry is keen on new talent from different parts of the UK and from different backgrounds. Virgin Atlantic are pioneers in this area - reaching into communities others might not realise are packed with talent. They opened their doors to potentially the next generation of Plots and Engineers

Throwback Video – Curio At The Sony Xperia Z3 Manchester Launch

Ok - so once in a while your Shot is just an excuse to party lol

Throwback Video – 'Outsiders' – Pinewood Premiere Pt 01

After weeks of insanely hard work (shooting outside in freezing conditions) 'Outsiders' had a private screening and a knees-up at Pinewood Studios - spiritual home of the UK film industry

Throwback Video – 'Outsiders' Behind-The-Scenes

So... equipped with everything you need for a professional production, what takes place behind the scenes...?

Throwback Video – ‘Outsiders' - the Cineworld Premiere

What a night - the red carpet was rolled out by Cineworld West India Quays for the premiere of 'Outsiders' - a film created end-to-end by young people wanting a shot at the film industry.

Throwback Video – Behind the Scenes @GoldenSquare

Ahead of creating the 'Outsiders' movie, everyone getting a shot had to go through some elements of professional training. One of the sessions was at Golden Square

Throwback Video – Behind the Scenes @ Sony Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe (Pinewood Studios)

Masterclasses in professional film-making with contributions from some of the UK film industry's most-illustrious names. Professional standard equipment and training on set at Pinewood

Throwback Video – Film Editor Jack gets The Look

So Jack wanted to know more about the edit and grading process - a Shot at The Look with the latest gear seemed appropriate

Throwback Video – Nathan (ENBE) Meets MOBO Winning Producer Mr Spice

Brothers in hip-hop, Nathan got a shot with one of the UK's pioneers, Wembley's very own Mr Spice

Throwback Video – Ellie from Cardiff Meets Kizmet

Ellie's a true songbird - she took her talent and a Shot to meet up with Kismet

Throwback Video – Emily & Ishan Take a Shot at BlackBerry

This was one of Slenky's first 'in the guts' of the business shots. Blackberry kindly gave 2 aspiring presenters a shot at meeting their UK MD and a few Interns

Throwback Video – App Developer Anthony Takes A Shot with Sony

So app developer Anthony got a shot at the world's largest mobile event - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Throwback Video – Jade Takes A Shot with Neon Jungle @ Sony Music

Jade's got a hell of a voice - but there's more to this music game than that. She met up with charting girl group Neon Jungle to hear their story and get a few tips

Throwback Video –Naz Takes a Shot at Sound Engineering with Breathe Out Music

Sound Engineer Pete Webber has been behind the scenes at some of the UK's biggest concerts - Naz got a shot at finding out what it will take for him to knock Pete out of a job

Throwback Video – Rianna Takes a Shot at Secret Sales

Rianna's dream is to be a Fashion Buyer - Secret Sales gave her a shot to find out what it takes

Throwback Video – Martha - Beggars Music

Martha took her Shot and continues to build a career in the music industry - what can she share from her learning...

Throwback Video – Marcus Goes Virtual with Inition

100% tecchie Marcus takes a Shot at Inition to learn about virtual reality animation

Throwback Video – Candide Takes a Fashion Shot with Natasha Devon MBE & Stephen Arthur

Cosmopolitan writer, social commentator and former model Natasha shares some gems with Candide on breaking the fashion industry

Throwback Video – Digital Artist Curio Takes a Shot with Riki Bleu at Universal Music

Curio is a serious talent ready to step up and into the game. What's needed to step it up?

Throwback Video – Phelan does IFA Berlin Tech with Sony

A dedicated follower of passion - Technology

Throwback Video – Take Your Shot – Nathan (ENBE) meets The Bakery Boys

Production and Performance - tips from South London Hip-Hop Trio The Bakery Boys

Throwback Video – Cardiff Diva Ellie Takes a Shot with Rikki Bleu at Universal Music

Yes, loads of us want to make a career out of music,, but what does it really take?

Throwback Video – Candide & Sutinee Take a Fashion Shot at 'Label’s' Show

Something you don't often get the chance to experience - the belly of the beast - no better place to get an understanding of the fashion industry than an Insider event

Throwback Video – Game Developer Dale Digs Deeper

So what are the skills Dale already has and could start building on?

Throwback Video - Qaseem Takes a Shot over Coffee at Carluccio's with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

Talented baller Qaseem wants the inside track on what moves to make to go from semi-pro to pro

Throwback Video – Walsall Gamer Dale Takes a Shot at Game Development

On his mission to connect his passion, Dale took a shot with one of the Godfathers of Gaming - Carl Rogers

Throwback Video – Phelan's Tech Shot on a Citroen Ad

Phelan took a shot with Sony and landed a role on the team shooting the latest Citroen ad

Throwback Video – Steve & Matt Do the Play-offs with Hilton International Wembley

The first winners of a Slenky competition were guests in the Hilton Box at Wembley.


London's Future Entrepreneurs Got the Chance to Speed-Date CEO's of Some of the UK's Largest Tech Firms


At the age of 21 Joshua Uwadiae has had a more unconventional route to success than most...

Throwback Video - Abdul's interview with Alex Butler at the BBC

“When you enchant people, your goal is not to make from them or to get them to do what you want, but to fill them with great delight" Guy Kawasaki

'Outsiders' - The Movie

​The Outsiders' is a short movie created by young film-makers with the support of key businesses and industry individuals

Walsall students get fashion fix thanks to Slenky shot

Two Walsall students with designs on a career in fashion met an award-winning designer, thanks to a team-up between whg and Slenky.

Stephen Arthur - Birmingham Fashion Entrepreneur (video)

Take Your Shot... or forever wonder 'what if...?'

Exclusive interview with Izzes Gayle

Sanika Kanik profiles the founder of NUBI Hub Social Enterprise, Izzes Gayle