One day before the hottest day of the year, Slenky bathed in sick temperatures at The Hawthorns – home of West Bromwich Albion FC – meeting to explore the potential to connect local young people and the club’s opportunities.

Phew... 33C

Footballing Pioneers

Recognised by the entire football family for their iconic history, WBA counts footballing pioneers and heroes like The Three Degrees (Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunningham and Brendan Batson) as examples of their belief in working with ALL of its community. However, not a club to rest on past achievements WBA invited Slenky to explore how digital tech could help the club support young people in 2019 and into the future.

Behind the Scenes and ‘Off-the-Pitch’

Despite its history and strong local roots, WBA acknowledged the need to stay open to innovation and current trends brought about by technology - especially with younger audiences. Today's technology offers a great way for football clubs to become relevant to the lifestyles of young people, whether or not they support the club or are even interested in football.For clubs this can go beyond the playing field, into the other business operations.

Football has countless ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘off-pitch’ opportunities and experiences and there’s mutual benefit for clubs and the young people coming into contact with them.

The rewards go beyond financial gain to positively affect individuals and entire communities, more so in an age where social media is increasingly influential. This is an important time for football clubs and the communities they’re based in.


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