Whenever you attend a Fat Macy's supper club event you can be sure to expect three things; Good food, good company, and the knowledge that you're doing good just by being there (and eating).

Fat Macy’s trains homeless young Londoners to serve up food with heart, creating a recipe that helps them make the journey from hostel to home.

The brain child of social food entrepreneur Meg Doherty, Fat Macy's uses supper club events and in-hostel catering, training boot camps to help young homeless people overcome the financial barriers preventing them from moving into rented accommodation - whilst also providing them with valuable work experience and the confidence needed to challenge existing perceptions of homelessness.

Their hybrid model not only allows them to serve delicious food, but also provides a pathway from hostel to home for their trainees; a percentage of profits from the events are donated into the Fat Macy’s Foundation, providing trainees with the opportunity to apply for a housing grant to cover a deposit for their first homes.

Already recognised by the Beyond Business programme (Investec bank), the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, UnLtd and other socially focussed organisations, Fat Macy's have combined excellent food with social enterprise expertise to create a unique and innovative business model; combining thoughtfully handcrafted menus and committed young people (without a home) who are passionate about food, to bring you catering with a conscience.

Find out more about Fat Macy's here. Or read more about them at Munchies/Vice or The New Statesman see how they're using hand-crafted menus and innovative thinking to help young people Take Their Shot whilst bringing you food with real heart.

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