Slenky's working with the UK's biggest and best-know sports brand to get more shots for more young people across the UK - keep checking the FA hub for your shot. We thought it would be useful to share a few examples of young people already at the FA and find out a bit more about lives off the pitch. (Extracts from the official FA website).

At The FA, we live our PRIDE values in everything that we do:

Progressive - We embrace new thinking in the pursuit of continuous improvement

Respectful - We set the standards for respectful behaviour across the game

Inclusive - We champion and ensure that football is and will remain a game for everyone

Determined - We are tenacious and accountable to each other in serving the whole game and doing the right thing

Excellent - The very best outcome can only be achieved by sustained excellence in performance


Farai supports The FA Centre of Refereeing Excellence (CORE) which identifies referees with the potential and opportunity to progress, offering them the best opportunity to fulfill their potential as early as possible. Alongside this Farai is responsible for managing the relationship with the leagues and clubs in the National League System, improving their relationship with refereeing and offering feedback on queries the clubs will have throughout the season. Farai is responsible for raising the profile of refereeing.

What does your working day look like?

I will be in Wembley 3-4 days a week and then out nationwide once or twice. I’m fortunate to have a balance of office time to get the admin and planning done, as well as time around the country meeting with our County FAs, leagues, clubs, referees and other partners.

What is your favourite thing about working for The FA?

Working in football is a privilege in itself, but to work for our governing body is something that I am extremely proud of. Getting to constantly meet new people who are passionate about the game and having the ability to make a difference.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

I thrive in meeting new people, helping better their football experience and helping where I can. I’m a football fan first and foremost, so to share my passion and enthusiasm throughout the game is brilliant.

What was your career path before The FA?

I was fortunate enough to spend three years playing professional football both here and in Spain. The hard work and hours that were put into my job then taught me a number of ethics and values that have benefited me ever since.

What are the most important skills that you use in your role?


People often see The FA and refereeing as being very much on their own, so the ability to communicate what we do and why, where possible, is very important. As with refereeing itself, once you get past the fact that there are people behind the kit, the football community is often understanding of the challenges faced by a referee.


Coming from a playing background, I can relate to the club’s point of view whilst getting across the referee’s perspective too. This is important as a lot of our work is in education. It is difficult for people to understand refereeing if they have never had it explained to them.

What advice would yoU give to someone who wanted to follow a similar career path?

It sounds cliché but work hard. Not only does it benefit yourself and instill good ethics, but people do recognise hard work and are more likely to reward it. I would also say to throw yourself at whatever comes your way, often people will have a plan but seldom does life pan out as expected. Take each opportunity in your stride and make the most of it.

How would you describe the culture at The FA?

The stand out attribute throughout the organisation is passion, everyone has a passion for football in some capacity or another. This naturally creates a hard working culture as people enjoy what they do and are more often than not willing to go above and beyond in work.

What would you say about the development opportunities at The FA?

The FA allows you numerous opportunities to get involved in all areas of the business, broadening your knowledge and increasing your experience. If you want to put yourself out there, the organisation will support you to achieve your personal goals and make the most of any opportunities.