I got the chance to interview Jennifer Ogole, the CEO, some parents of participants from the NoLimitz programme and a few of the young people themselves. It was interesting to hear from Jennifer how BANG has evolved over the years and the changes it’s gone through during the 19 years it has been running.
I also got to attend a Healthy Starts session where I joined the young people in playing kick rounders and enjoyed getting to know them better. It was great to see them socialising outside of school and working together as a team. I heard first-hand from the parents and young people the impact the programme can have on their lives and it reminded me how essential BANG’s work is and how important it is to keep it going. Check out the video below.

It was great for the young people to be able to summarise how useful the NoLimitz programme has been to them and what they have learnt from it. It was also interesting for the young people to be on the other end of the interview, as they’d already had lots of practise interviewing the staff about current affairs but hadn’t had the chance to answer interview questions themselves.
Listening to the parents talk about their experiences with BANG reminded me of how significant it is to not just help the young people, but also to support the parents to enable them to continue the work BANG’s doing once their child has finished the NoLimitz programme.

I hope this short film will be able to accurately portray the work BANG is doing and encourage more of the general public to support us.

Thank you to Florence Pellacani for creating the film for us.

Follow her on Facebook: @florencepellacani - and on her website: http://www.florencepellacani.com/

You can also see what else is happening at BANG here: http://slenky.me/hub/bang

Written by Rosie Littlejohns: BANG Fundraising Co-Ordinator