Not many weddings, birthday parties, evenings out, work gathering etc. go by without numerous attendees taking videos on their phones, but then what happens to this footage? It stays with the individual or is forgotten about. And this is where the vidiCREW app steps in...

“vidiCREW transforms the creation of user-generated video content.” - Alex

Using the free vidiCREW app, multiple content-creators capture video moments of an occasion. These are collected into an online, private gallery to download, share and be professionally edited into an authentic short film by the experienced vidiCREW editing team.

The vidiCREW app and team of professional video editors, effectively transform your mobile videos, along with your friends, colleagues and families’ footage into a collaborative film from every angle. All via a relatively cheaper and faster process than traditional options.

Though Alex admits “starting is the hardest part”, the creative pair are certainly getting off to a very good start. In May 2017 Alex and Paul won the University of East London’s E-Factor, a Dragon’s Den-style competition for start-up companies, along with a £6,000 prize fund for their business.

Although this award was a catalyst to their launch and a great initial investment for the business, Alex and Paul realised that they would need to boost their funding to grow their innovative vidiCREW app. So, they turned to Nwes for support. After meeting with Nwes Business Advisor Jim Price, the duo were advised to apply for the Tower Hamlets Start Up Ready grant scheme.

The business partners were successful with their request for funding, and it helped them in more ways than one, as Alex notes:

“This is the first time I’ve applied for funding and to receive the full £5k has really enhanced my confidence in myself as an entrepreneur and also in the future for my business. I feel investible and worthy.”

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Alex and Paul have high ambitions for the future of the company, hoping to raise further investment and approach angel investors by the end of this year.

If you’re looking for funding for your business start-up, Alex’s advice is to remember that, “funding is out there and is reachable”. He continues: “This is a difficult planet to get onto, I say planet because it is literally like that for me at the moment, a different atmosphere and environment completely. The main thing is to be brave enough to get in the rocket and go!”

If you haven’t searched for and downloaded vidiCREW already, you can find it on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. To see examples of what vidiCREW can offer you, be sure to visit their website.


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