Take risks and prosper (TRAP) has always been the motto.

It comes from my hood, aka the neighbourhood I grew up in... pre 'Coffee shop' hipster Hackney. It comes from drug dealing culture and although negative the sentiment has influenced me positively...

I was sitting down on Saturday with one of my best mates, Josh - FYI there are three us Josh's, two black dudes and a white guy, and we have a secret boyband... called Oreo (merch coming soon!).

He was telling me a funny story about when he sold two concert tickets on gumtree years ago in Wembley and ended up getting extorted by some rudeboy on the agreed price and he said to me ... you've done well mate for a 25-year-old, that easily could have been you.

It's made me really reflective... and I'm feeling awfully emotional.

I read the Hackney Gazette on the weekend and three guys I knew growing up have been sentenced to a collective 66 years between them... Two of these guys lived across the road from me.

We chilled on the same streets. Did the same juvenile crimes, and one of them gave me my first condom and said, "Go have fun"... he was a big bro to me.

Life is confusing and it's a shame to see a life wasted, but sadly we all make choices and live with the benefits - and consequences. I could have been another black boy in the papers, dead or in jail...

I'm grateful how my life has turned out, I could have been in that same paper for a similar crime
if I didn't make the right choices 10 years ago #10yearchallenge.

I feel lucky and extremely grateful to have turned my life around but I 100% didn't do it alone... My sister helped me. A Pastor helped me. My family helped me. My beautiful, beautiful mum helped me. My first boss helped me. My first mentor helped me. My gym buddy helped me... the list goes on and on...

I think this might be why I have such an appreciation and thirst for accountability - I'm so aware I didn't make it out alone.

For a giggle to break up the mood... if you want to see the closest thing to 'bad boy' Joshy check out this Instagram post.

I wanted to share all that to say this, "Please remain positive, hopeful and persistent with your path. Trust the process and keep going."

This thing called life isn't easy, but positively improving your life, whether it's personal, professional or health-related isn't easy. But I hope you can take some inspiration in knowing things can work out for good if you trust the process, find accountability - and keep going.

Keep going and stick to your path.

Peace, Love and Squats,


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