With festival season finally upon us, we’ve rounded up your go-to survival guide to making it through a festival in one piece (or at least, with your soul intact).

It's important to prepare for whatever the festival will throw at you ;) What to bring...

Festival ticketOyster card / Travel money Contactless card


Clothes/accessories i.e. Sunglasses / umbrella
IDA portable phone chargerAnti-bacterial hand gelWet wipesToiletries i.e. Sunscreen; deodorant
Food / SnacksReusable water bottleSix-pack of tissuesA hatLoose change

Once you reach:

How not spend a fortune:

How to skip the toilet queue:

Agree on a meeting point:
There’s nothing more panic inducing than a dead phone and losing your friends at a festival. When you arrive, agree at a meeting point in an emergency.
Food vendors, signs and flags are the best options in an SOS moment.

How to look after ill mates
The risk of fainting and sun stroke is way more common than you think at a festival, the mixture of high temperature and constant activity can be too much for people.

These are our tips for making sure you make the most out of your festival experience, if you have any tips let us know on twitter! @SlenkyShots

Katie O'Malley for Elle 08/04/2018

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