When the employer states... "Why do you want THIS job?"...

You might feel the urge to blurt out "Because I feel passionately about NOT starving." or "Duh. For the money. Why else would I be here?"

Many people don't answer this question correctly. Of course you want money. That's a given. But, why is this job a better fit for you than your current one? Or, any other job you've had up until this point? The employer needs to understand your internal motivation to get the job. Which leads to the biggest mistake you can make when answering it.

Don't tell employers how great they are, they already know that!

When a hiring manager asks you why you want the job, she or he isn't phishing for a compliment. They know it's a good place to work. That's why they're working there. Rattling off all the benefits and perks the company has to offer is just a more verbose way of saying, "Here's what's in it for me," - and can come across really self-serving. A better answer is focused on how the job will allow you to maximize the use of your skills and strengths. Here's why...

A job that self-motivates you, sustains you.

Employers want to know you have the ability to motivate yourself to stay engaged and focused on the job. When you can map out how the job will enable you to feel satisfied and successful with your efforts, they're more confident in your ability to integrate into the company culture. For examples of how to do this, check out the YT video below: