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Teaching fun and energetic dance workshops to all age groups, genders and abilities - shake off your shy, be confident, free and enjoy.


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Advertising Industry Opens to New Talent - Rianna gets the BIG Shot

In 2014 Rianna took a shot with Slenky + Sony behind the scenes on a Citroen advert shoot with Havas. Now in 2017 she found herself back at Havas and in the hot seat, interviewing for a full-time role in the advertising industry...
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‘I still have to pinch myself sometimes...'

Solihull Moors Ladies’ head coach (and Slenky Amassador) on how years of abuse could not quash her love for the game and how she owes her career to that fearlessness and Les Ferdinand
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Dream, Believe and Achieve

My passion for engineering is mine and no one can take it from me.
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