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Our greatest asset - Our People and their Passions. There are over 200 roles in the British Army. Each offers you the opportunity to use your talents, develop leadership and new skills and be rewarded for your achievements. We're an inspirational organisations that embraces diversity and inclusivity, contributing to society in everything we do. It doesn't matter who are you are or where you come from - we believe everyone deserves opportunity.


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The first female Commissioner of London Fire Brigade in its history. Cool...

"When I got there I had a bit of a moment of 'good grief, what am I going to do, what am I going to see?', Then you put your kit on and everybody looks at you with expectation and relief as if to say, 'thank god you're here'."
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Can You Name Successful Business Women?

Word On The Curb want to know, "Can You Name Successful Business Women?"
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Advertising Industry Opens to New Talent - Rianna gets the BIG Shot

In 2014 Rianna took a shot with Slenky + Sony behind the scenes on a Citroen advert shoot with Havas. Now in 2017 she found herself back at Havas and in the hot seat, interviewing for a full-time role in the advertising industry...
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I'm your future Pilot - where’d you wanna go?

Armed with a GoPro Myles is back to share the view from 4000 feet
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