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Brent is home to Slenky, Wembley Stadium, the SEN Arena, London Designer Outlet and loads of other well-known businesses.


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London's 'alternative' young creatives are defining generation #sidehustle

Welcome to 2018. Welcome to the new economy. It’s moving fast, it’s open to all, and there’s just one thing you have to do: hustle.
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"I don't speak how they speak..."

Studying to be a Doctor, Lianne wants to help others to Take a Shot at medicine
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Generation Z: ‘We have more to do than drink and take drugs’

They drink less, take far fewer drugs, and have made teenage pregnancy a near anomaly.
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Meet Magid Magid - Sheffield’s (coolest) lord mayor

The 28-year-old former refugee has become a viral sensation since taking on the role – and has won over his critics. ‘I’ve had a lot of stick, but I don’t care - I decided to be myself,’
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