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Welcome to Bristol - A city that doesn’t just buzz, it thumps! If ever there was a city with a story to tell, it’s Bristol. Enveloped in the hills of South West England, it has its own unmistakable identity, grounded in roots from centuries past and carved out since by passionate locals and spirited fans. And that’s just a smattering of what makes this city the best....


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London's Future Entrepreneurs Got the Chance to Speed-Date CEO's of Some of the UK's Largest Tech Firms
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Throwback Video – Marcus Goes Virtual with Inition

100% tecchie Marcus takes a Shot at Inition to learn about virtual reality animation
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Throwback Video – App Developer Anthony Takes A Shot with Sony

So app developer Anthony got a shot at the world's largest mobile event - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
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Throwback Video – 'Outsiders' Behind-The-Scenes

So... equipped with everything you need for a professional production, what takes place behind the scenes...?
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