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London's Future Entrepreneurs Got the Chance to Speed-Date CEO's of Some of the UK's Largest Tech Firms
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Throwback Video – ‘Virgin Atlantic - Future Flyers and Expert Engineers

The aviation industry is keen on new talent from different parts of the UK and from different backgrounds. Virgin Atlantic are pioneers in this area - reaching into communities others might not realise are packed with talent. They opened their doors to potentially the next generation of Plots and Engineers
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NEWURBAN; MELÉE RECORDING GROUP - Synikall & Nathaniel Thompson.

​In the heart of Birmingham’s creative quarter, two young men stroll down into Digbeth’s outside the famed Custard Factory. A far cry from South Bronx, NY, these two Hip Hop heads – Chris “Synikall” Brown (rapper) and Nathaniel Thompson – are co-owners of the city’s newly formed Melée Recording Group (MRG.
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"Add Us Please..." BBC WM's new friend

​BBC WM came along to Birmingham City University for the soft-launch of the Birmingham and West Midlands hub on Slenky, meeting students who'd registered and getting a feel for how they're passions might be connected on Slenky.
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