Our Story

Talent alone isn’t enough to guarantee success – social access to business networks and a Shot at the right opportunities is key.

We knew smartphone would be the gamechanger so we launched – Slenky 1.0 – a test platform to see what was happening in search and to explore how content could start new relationships.

Young people helped shape the proposition, contributing as team members, users and Influencers.  We soaked up the learning.

We found most organisations hadn’t considered how the first digital generation – Z – would connect with them.

We knew it would involve more than merely having social media acounts but having content relevant to their Passions.  Young people have many Passions – business has relevance.

So we launched Slenky 2.0, a test platform to see to address this problem – shared Passions.

We tested channels, Shots, organisations and brands across regions and demographics, extending our reach and partners’ connections.

Business can have incredible reach and meaningful engagement; benefiting from being accessible to audiences chasing their Passions.  

We said – ‘Let’s do this’.

Our Audience

Slenky’s audience is aged 13-24 and spread across the UK.  They have multiple passions, interests and channels – plus global connectivity.  We describe them in simple terms;


unsure of what they want & how to get started – lower confidence – unaware of skills – curious – want experiences & guidance to clarify search


highly motivated self-starter – creates own opportunities/business ideas – wants unique experiences, advice, contacts, guidance, mentoring etc. 


has specific vocational requirement to fulfil – work experience – internships – exposure to the workplace – at school – college – university

Job Seeker

most practical user – using online tools – wants ‘real-world’ opportunities to start a career


clear goal – looking to bolster resume – know demonstrating experience will be beneficial – pro-actively looking for activities

Our Passion

Connecting brands, businesseses, organisations and young people

Driven by digital devices, data networks and emerging platforms, the 3rd industrial revolution continues at pace.  Everyone should benefit from the possibilities of new technology – businesses and organisations of every kind and, of course, the generation driving the revolution.

The continued evolution of social content means business can now connect in ever-growing and more diverse young audiences – impacting society but also supporting innummerable strategies ranging from Responsible Business, Diversity and Inclusion to Future Skills, Apprenticeships and expansion.

The audience is moving fast – Slenky’s helping business keep up.