Slenky puts your brand at their fingertips.
Attract and engage young audiences with relevant opportunities and media-rich content.

Take your shot

Great brands use Slenky to connect with young people

From global organisations and local authorities to charities and SME’s,
Slenky helps brands of all types connect with young people on a passion-first basis.

Reach Talent You Couldn’t Reach Before

Slenky helps you reach new audiences and get smarter about how you communicate with young people. Purpose-built for logged-in lifestyles. Instead of waiting for young people to come to you, Slenky takes you to them.

Put Passion First

Young people are in constant search of opportunities that fuel their passions and fit their lifestyles. We connect you with them by making your brand and opportunities easily accessible via our app and online.

Engage Smarter. Become Smarter.

Slenky makes communicating with young people easy.

Connect with new audiences in 3 simple steps.

Create a Shot

Turn your opportunities into media-rich content

Post and Share

Distribute to Slenky Hubs and share on social channels

Measure Engagement

Use data insights to better understand your audience.

What’s a ‘Shot’?

A shot is our word for an opportunity. Created by turning existing opportunities and activities into media-rich, social content that’s free from technical jargon, Shots are how young people connect with your brand on Slenky.

Ranging from early engagement activites and events, to internships and jobs, Shots are the digital touch-points that make your brand and business accessible to young people - via their own passions and interests.

“Slenky has been absolutely brilliant in bringing young people from across the UK to Sky Academy to take part in our Skills Studio Experience.

Sky Academy aims to reach one million young people with a signaficant valued contribution. Slenky makes this happen in a cool way.”

Sky Academy

Youth Engagement is hard. Slenky makes it easier.

Use our suite of tools to manage your brand content,analyse
user interaction and measure your objectives.

Be authentic. Keep it real.

What we say is what we do.

Take risks. Embrace change.

New results require new actions.

Take action. Aim high.

We work hard, play hard - simple.

Help others. Help yourself.

We go further when we go further.

Equality in everything.

We’re commited to removing barriers.

Our Mission

Make it easier for every young person to explore their passions, pursue their interests, and shape their own future.
Change the culture and way businesses communicate with young people.

Young Audiences

digital natives


Relevant Media-rich/digital content

Brand Hubs

Purpose built opportunity pages

Did You Know?

We also work with schools, colleges and universities to support careers education - providing students with better guidance and access to opportunities.

We'd love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or you'd like to find out more about how your business can connect with diverse, young audiences across the UK, please get in touch via the contact form - we'd love to hear from you