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Take your shot

Put your brand in their hand
Attract and engage
via their passions and interests.

Created by Young People - for Young People

Designed around the mobile and content lifestyles of young people,
Slenky makes it easy to connect with young audiences.

Slenky is for brands and businesses of all types

”Slenky makes it easier to attract and engage future talent - by turning your opportunities into ‘easy-access’ content tailored to young people - aka Shots.”

“A great success and went beyond our expectations of how the Racing for All programme could impact a young person's life.

The power of giving a young person, even the smallest opportunity, should never be under estimated. All credit goes to Slenky… ”

Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E


What’s a Shot?

A Shot is
The link between you and young people on Slenky.
Shots are the digital touch-points that make you accessible to young audiences everywhere.

Youth engagement is tough. Slenky makes it easier.

Use our suite of tools to manage your brand content,analyse user interaction and measure against your objectives.

How does it work?


Shots using your existing opportunities


Shots on Slenky for young people to find


Shots online and in social channels


Engage with young people wanting their Shot

Why Slenky?

Slenky helps you connect on a passion-first basis, whilst helping you improve your approach using data.

Easy to use

Create attractive brand content in minutes.

Cost effective

Centralise all your youth focused activities.

Data Driven

Learn from interactions and audience insights.

Audience Approved

Helps you build relevance, appeal and credibility.

Put Passion First

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