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The Journey So Far

Slenky’s founder grew up on a London council estate, surrounded by brilliant and gifted young people. But talent alone doesn't automatically lead to opportunity nor success. Without support and access to people, places and networks and opportunity, talent is often blunted, misdirected and even wasted.

Relationship-building and networking are vital to accessing the right opportunities - however, these basic avenues are not equally accessible to everyone - far from it in fact. At the same time, the evolution of mobile and social media has left most brands and businesses unable to engage this hugely talented audience.

So we created Slenky, and our R&D platforms generated data and learning that have enabled us to provide both ends of our value chain - business and young people - a simple product to solve a complex problem.

Slenky exists to help businesses build valuable awareness of their brand and organisation in a key audience – the future workforce. We attract and engage future talent, by turning partner opportunities into easily accessible and useful content - made for and delivered to a generation raised on mobile and social media.

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