Dan launched his company TALK 2 DAN in 2017 which helps young people aged 16-25 break into the media through recruitment support and consultancy. Dan’s business started from his own personal experiences, where he went through the pain points when trying to break into media, such as not knowing how to sell yourself on your CV to overcoming the fears of networking.

TALK 2 DAN’s aim is to give young people the key skills to gain opportunities within the media. We’ve provided a solution to the barriers young people face, supporting them to the next stage of their careers. The aim of Talk 2 Dan is to bridge the gap between employers and young creatives, and we plan to continue doing this through our annual event programme, ‘Talk 2 Dan 4 Media Jobs’.

Being able to showcase different companies from different sectors in the industry, where young people can gain an insight into work is what we want to achieve.

Talk 2 Dan has moved into TYS Studios to enable us to create jobs and grow our team. We want to build new relationships and connections, and take the next step to become a larger business with even greater impact.

Being in a new space where we can grow with like mined-entrepreneurs, allows us to create partnerships, have am amazing space to hold our meetings, and also offer opportunities to students to take up placements at Talk 2 Dan, which has been so valuable for us.

So far, the space has been amazing and we have really enjoyed the networking element- you just never know who you are going to come across.

The facilities at TYS Studios are extremely beneficial to anyone building a digital business. The content studio and spacious meeting rooms, and also other entrepreneurs that can support you with your content really goes a long way towards helping for small businesses.

Our plan is to bring Talk 2 Dan to different locations as the media industry is widespread. We are primarily based in London, but we have built a network in the North West and surrounding areas. Being able to tap into areas in the South West, the North East and more- would allow us to create impact and increase diversity within companies that are looking for young people from all walks of life.

We’ve already managed to work with Chatter Communications & ITV, recruiting for ITV Apprenticeships, and our campaign won ‘Most Effective Recruitment Marketing Campaign’

“Content included branded creative with powerful messaging, along with engaging videos to encourage candidates to apply distributed through media careers influencer @talk_2_dan. Messaging focused on hints, tips, culture, daily diaries etc and all roles were shared across the main ITV LinkedIn page, and in both BAME and Disability LinkedIn groups.”