After completing my Bsc (Hons) Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, I turned my focus to helping my brother build a successful TikTok platform and played a key role in the creation of the Most viewed Football TikTok series ‘Jay’s Journey’, which achieved half a billion views in less than 8 months. I soon realised that I possessed a unique storytelling skill that revolutionises marketing for businesses so I joined forces with my two co-founders to form a creative trinity known as Vishanti Media.

My name is Eze and I’m a Creative Producer.  My goal is for my business to win the Sports Industry ‘Agency of the Year Award’.  Alongside this, I will create strong partnerships with the world’s leading sports companies.

I moved my business to Take Your Shot Studios in order to have a space where I can host meetings with both clients, and my co-founders. This decision has been instrumental to the smooth running and success of my business.

know that personalisation is key when marketing to Gen Z. It is important for your consumers to feel as if they can relate for them to be engaged.  Vishanti Media achieves this using storytelling techniques, embedded within organic social content, tailored to your audience.