The pandemic is what sparked the idea of creating a digital home care platform.

As a business consultant I wanted to offer my clients care packages to assist with sales and growth. Our services are designed to connect care providers to those seeking home care. During the pandemic there were many elderly residents that required care but did not know where to go, or what to do. At the same time there were many care providers that had the capacity to take on residents but did not where to go. By creating Home Care Agencies as our digital division, we can now connect care providers with those seeking home care.

My name is Maria M Marshall I am the CEO and Founder of McAlpine Care. As a business consultant my passion is to provide advice, guidance and support to home care business owners who struggle with growth. 

Through digital marketing McAlpine Care’s purpose is to bridge the gap in the care sector by connecting care providers with those seeking home care. The aim is to make home care more accessible to lessen the pressure on the local authorities and hospital admission.

I decided to move the team to TYS Studies due to its prime location and the need for the services we offer. Since moving in we have been able to connect with other small businesses where there is room for future collaborations. The atmosphere is vibrant and it’s the perfect location for expanding business network.

Future plans include more collaborative working |creating more business opportunities that serve the community while making a difference. Raising awareness of home care and the importance of preparing for elderly life.

McAlpine Care is a business that believes there is no competition. Working together we can all achieve our desired goals.