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Officially Europe's youngest city is undergoing major modernisation and is brimming with shots across traditional and new sectors. We're a digital city with a history of creativity and enterprise.


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Throwback Video – Walsall Gamer Dale Takes a Shot at Game Development

On his mission to connect his passion, Dale took a shot with one of the Godfathers of Gaming - Carl Rogers
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The first female Commissioner of London Fire Brigade in its history. Cool...

"When I got there I had a bit of a moment of 'good grief, what am I going to do, what am I going to see?', Then you put your kit on and everybody looks at you with expectation and relief as if to say, 'thank god you're here'."
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Slenky's Brum family just keeps smashing it...

Sunjay - Hip Hop Drome - wasn't playing when he took his Sony shots . His passion was music and his future was in the industry...
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Can You Name Successful Business Women?

Word On The Curb want to know, "Can You Name Successful Business Women?"
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